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Attention All Gamers!!!

Lylat Net is here!

This is your #1 stop for all things Nintendo and PC! With the latest news about Gamecube and cool PC programs, you won't be dissapointed.

Latest News:

12.21.2001 - Check out the PC section for links to the coolest program ever: RPG Maker 2000! This program allows you to easily make your own RPG and even packs it into a cool setup program so you can distribute it on the web! Just remember not to sell your games as it says in the readme.

Gamecube sold out its initial shipment faster than Microsoft's Xbox and sold at a much faster rate than Microsoft's product or the PS2!!!

Finally! Nintendo has released a sequel to Super Smash Bros. !!! I've watched the preview video and I'd have to say I'm VERY OPTIMISTIC THAT NINTENDO'S GONNA RELEASE SOME KICK BUTT GAMES COME NEXT YEAR.

STARFOX ADVENTURES' release has been pushed back from February 5th to the 10th of 2002. Here's hoping that Rareware will make this sequel the best game to date.

RETRO STUDIOS has been quiet, too quiet about Metroid Prime. I hope that they are able to incorperate third-person view into the game for bosses, fmv's, etc. I'm getting tired of replaying Super Metroid over and over... THAT GAME MADE THE #1 SLOT IN EGM'S TOP 100 GAMES OF ALL TIME!!!

Signing off... thebitboy a.k.a. "HYPERFIREBALL"