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These are some of my favorite sites that I hope you will enjoy.

Starfox Database

This site is THE place for any starfox fans. Includes huge amounts of fanart, fan fiction, and the OFFICIAL starfox comics that were featured in Nintendo Power Magazine.

Yet another cool Starfox fansite...great stuff. Also has links to the full Starfox Adventures teaser manga scanslation.

Overclocked Remix

This site is chock-full of game remixes that'll be in your head for hours on end. If you're generous enough, please support them by giving a donation since they can't easily pay for the HUGE amount of needed bandwidth.

Planet Gamecube

Great news source for cube owners, and best of all, IT'S 100% Free!!!

Need help on a game, but don't want to spend money on a guide? This site is for you then. FAQS, Boards, and more await you at this megasite.