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Welcome to My Underground Lair


7.20.2004: Updates, updates, updates!!!

Surprise, surprise - I've been using my webspace as a dumping ground. Well, I've avoided updating for nearly a year. Hmm...yeah.

Here's a quick recap of major events since my last post:

- replaced my Geforce 2 with a Geforce 4
- now using windows 2000
- have reloaded too many times
- attended at least three lan parties
- became addicted to anime
- tried my hand at stalking people (failed miserably)
- went to California Boys' State (yay for me!)
- lost my tech job due to lack of grant funds
- swiped about $500 of equipment from work over the past year or so
- broke my old razor
- broke a few other electronics (oops)
- threw away about half of that $500 of equipment
- no job now
- failed to keep a linux install working for more than a month
- failed to recompile linux
- created a few FAQ's

So yeah, that's all - make sure to check out my Pinout FAQ

9.23.2003: Cisco, Partitions, and Chozo...

Okay, this one's gonna be somewhat of a recap: First of all...the site's gonna go through some major overhauls soon and i'm gonna start hosting some stuff THAT TRIPOD BETTER NOT DELTETE!!! Well, let's see, I'm now in Cisco Academy and it's awfully slooooooooooow right now...oh well, that's what I get for taking a networking class beforehand... Got a new box, here are the specs:

Mobo: Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Platinum
CPU: AMD Athlon 1600+ (1400mhz clock)
RAM: PNY Premium PC2100 256mb.
HD: Western Digital WD400BB 40GB 7200RPM ATA/100
Gfx: Nvidia GeForce 2 MX400 32mb. (pull from a Dell Dimension 8100)
CD/DVD: Toshiba SD-M1102 DVD-ROM (16x/40x? another pull) / Phillips PCRW804 (8x,4x,32x)
Xtras: Soyo "Sigma Box" CF/MMC card reader and usb panel

Lemme say one thing: don't try to multiboot win98se,2k,and linux unless you know what you're doing!!! I ended up win just win98 in the end due to compatibility issues and it's soooooooo much faster to set up and use on this box. Microsoft needs to take the KISS approach if they want me to stick with windows much longer... Too bad they aren't gonna make something along the lines of Win95, but with the stability and security of 2k...YOU LISTENING BILL!? Off to debian country as soon as DSL or cable hits the household...

What else...hmm...ah yes, click that big button near the poll to go visit Relics of the Chozo. It's an awesome colaberation project of several remixers that decided to take on the challenge of a continuous remix of all the songs in Super Metroid. (the best game ever IMHO...need to go get lost in Zebes again...

Just rented Soul Calibur 2, and let me say that i'm impressed, but the only way to play is an arcade stick. (Trust me...the Gamecube controller is hands are HUGE) Oh, and Mitsurugi is a cheap (censored)...that is all.

The links are updated btw.
Cya folks...

4.14.2003 (screwed up the date...should be 4 or 5) : Here gremlin, gremlin, glemlin...

Well, I got an excuse to reformat...I happened to, out of my own ignorance to my virus scanner, get a virus. (win32.trojan.gen (UPX) I think) Anywho, this little bugger decided to make my computer a little unstable (on april fool's day no less) and thus I decided to wipe the whole HD. Well, of course I did print off my important info and make a huge list of files to redownload, but anywho...It's back to normal... I hope...cuz i dl'ed the stupid file again and norton said it was fine...(yeah right) hopefully I'm still okay. (no suspicious behavior)

Looks like I'm gonna have a nice secondary HD now, provided it will be running debian linux, but in general, it'll be nice to at least be able to work in a STABLE environment for a change.

And I found a 486 with PCI slots...weird...looks like I've got a router for the next lan party!

Oh yeah, and the HSF got superglued on, and it hasn't fallen off yet. ;) And I decided to get a better 3D card (a ripoff retail one, but it's worth it...[sis 305 PCI 32meg])

3.14.2003: My ASPI!!!

Okay, little tip to you computer peeps - if it ain't broke, don't fix it...that simple. After reading much of the spare documentation on my computer, I figured I would update my ASPI (SCSI, ATAPI, etc) driver.
...And bitboy endured many hardships and his computer was cursed for 40 days and 40 nights, no more, no less. On the last day, the Lord had mercy on bitboy and gave him the bright idea of using the Google search engine. The Lord said: "Though shalt spend day and night finding the correct files and their locations. Though shalt hunt through cabinet files and drag files to the primary partition. Though shalt make a batch file and endurest many hardships in making that work." So I did what I suddenly found was the answer. "...And both he and the Lord looked down on the gh3tt0 b0x and said it was once again l33t."

Okay, next time I reload, I'm switching mostly to linux!!! Honestly, I've had it with this horrid installation! I can't even install Norton on it now! Gah!!! Begone!!!

On a side note, at least I get to assemble the studio in the media center tommorrow.
btw - that PII-450 was actually a 266. :( And I've ruined the clip for it, so I'm gonna go superglue the darn HSF!!

Just another day in the life of a confused and sinus-problem ridden person.

2.13.2003: Oh, I have a website? Oops...

Oh well, I guess this poor site was dead for a while. Anyway, I still need to implement a new blog format. I've been reading Megatokyo a little too much lately.

Anyway, seeing as I only have a short time to write this in, I'll make it quick. My computer's getting less adequate, it performed somewhat poorly at my last lan party, and I need to upgrade!!!
I'll be sticking in a new PII-450 this weekend, so wish me luck... (I have to underclock it to 300Mhz., but it's still a decent jump in speed.)

Hasta luego chicos!


Well, looks like this will be my last update of the year...(as if anyone ever reads my page anyway)
Looks like the clan won't be starting anytime soon...oh well, sorry folks.

Ph33r /\/\y l33t m3g4t0ky0 sk1lz!!! That's right, I've been sucked into a little ol' online manga by the name of Megatokyo.
The strip follows the story of two video/computer game freaks - Piro (artist / dating sim, manga, anime fan) and Largo (l33t computer expert and troublesome menace to society) who get themselves stranded in Japan due to lack of money for tickets back home. It's extremely funny and updated every couple of days so...Check it out!

That's all for now, and happy new year in about 24 hours.


Clan Time!

That'sa right... get ready 4 me new st4rcr4ft cl4n!

ClanFur! Furry clans are starting! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Be making page 4 clan soon...and setting up.

--EDIT--: I was obsessed with furries and starcraft at the no attention to the post... I have a life now only a marginal interest in furries that is only because of their novelty.



Can't quite break that monthly habit...

Just had yet another LAN party, but this one was worth it. Four attendants, four computers, a PS2, a Cube, and 24 can of soda on the wall. (and three pizzas! :) Mostly played DMC, TF, NS, and several other phun mods. And lost miserably to the computer in Starcraft. >.<

Hopefully, I'll be able to throw together a new gaming rig with my $200+ of birthday funds, cuz my current rig is a bit too slow for my likings.

Wish me luck...chow...



I've made a personal goal to update more here goes...

I just recieved a FREE monitor from scoo, and it is sooooo much better than my old one. (ie-800x600 @ 60 hertz w/ no power management = bad) It seems that somebody actually voted in my poll...thanx to whoever that may be... If anybody knows where a guy can get some tutorials for Visual Basic 5 w/ DirectX SDK, give me a shout...

So long folks...and remember, there are ten types of people in this world: those who can count binary, and those that can't...

10.2.2002: I really need to update more often than once a month...

Heeeeeeeeeeey CHOCARENA!

You may be asking what the heck a chocorena is...(here's a hint: chobo-theme + macarena = fun) The saying "Shake a tailfeather" has a new meaning for me. I'll even post pics of my super-rusty, but l33t, mad dancin' skilz! (I'm that desperate folks...)
If ya wanna ge the mix, just head over to and enjoy!
School's been goin' okay so far...should stay that way...
On one more sidenote, I now own SFA...but It's not exactly stellar...still it's cool enough and Rare's last nintendo game... (Which I'm really pissed about.)

9.2.2002: Last day of Vacation

Welp, I went to Walmart today and finally was able to play the starfox adventures demo. The 'cube controller there has been broken in such a way that the analog stick constantly reads forward. Thus making it impossible to play the opening flight level with krystal on a dragon-like creature. Oddly enough, the rubber-like top to the control stick has been sloppily removed, but it does allow you to fix the stick by turing it clockwise by a quarter turn. It was odd, but an interesting fix nonetheless.
Anyway, as I was saying, the demo is fantasic, even though I must admit that I played very little. The Krystal character was easy to control, fast, as always...(Need school to separate self from pathetic computer-rendered excuses for fems.) The game does feel like Zelda64 tho. I don't care about that because that was my fav game of all time. The opening flying level was a joy and the closest thing to panzer dragoon on any other system.


Held my second LAN party ever at Alex's house, but it didn't quite go according to plan. First, only my computer and Val's were able to connect for Half-life, despite numerous attemps at getting the other computer to work. The party ended up as a file sharing and video game playing session that lasted ten hours. Better luck next time to me...I guess.


Just the other day I learned that the rerelease Skies of Arcadia will be GC exclusive! Not only that, but there's gonna be a buttload of new events and a new character named "Pistol" that commands the ship called "the avenger." This is gonna be a cool game, especially for people like me who missed out on the Dreamcast version.

Seganet will no longer be charging fees for their online titles with the exception of Phantasy Star Online. Sadly, they may shut down at the end of this year, leaving DC owners in the dust...(at least that's what I gathered from the press release...)

Bitboy signing off...(PLEASE use the message boards...PLEASE?!


Just finished a lan party last fri.-sat. and let me say that it was very very very long, but very very very cool! 8PM-11AM!!! Us three attendants had the luxury of a 24port 3com hub that served us faithfully as well as alex's uber subwoofer...took until 1 in the morning to finalize the network settings AND install a copy of half-life FULLY PATCHED AND PARTIALLY MODDED...(3cd's are a pain in the @ss to copy over to 2 computers, especially when they have a 8x or 16x cdrom...oy...the horror...

I'm now officially on AIM, and you can reach me at screename - shadowzero128 - (if i'm on...)

chowabunga dudes and dudettes...